Planning a TR

DDO Build Masters

Don’t do it when you’re tired!!! Especially to an iconic where you may mess up 15 levels and be locked in to leveling to cap.

Have your stats and feats mapped out before you reincarnate. Make sure you have the stats and BAB for the feats you want at the level you plan to take. This step is mostly taken care of if using a guide.

Get your stuff ready:

Greensteel: Starter greensteel setup is a hit point item and a triple positive weapon. If you have a cleansed hp item, next would be a concordant-opposition with stacking spell points and some skill boosts (an easy build is +4 exceptional int skills and +6 exceptional cha skills for trapping and umd/diplo/bluff/etc). I you have ingredients but not a cleanser and want a second weapon, I’d go with a lit2, triple fire, or if planning multiple TRs over varying builds…

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