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A Polygon article by Ben Kuchera back in January reported that, according to SteamSpy, 7,672 video games had been released on Steam in 2017. This worked out to be an average of 21 new titles each day and was a massive increase from 2016’s figure of 4,207, which in itself accounted for 38% of all games available on the platform. The chart below will give you an idea of what this really looks like.

The dotted line I’ve added shows the trend and if this continues, we’ll have 11,833 additional titles to browse through by the end of 2018; that’s over 32 additions every 24-hours. But even these statistics pale in comparison if we jump forward to 2019 with a predicted 19,262 releases. There’s no real research here and the figures are ones I’ve produced using historical data and formulas, but they’re still pretty surprising.

Last month I came…

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