TR Quick Levelling Quest Guide

DDO Build Masters

See our updated TR guide here

Also for questions about hearts and different reincarnations see here.

Here is a quest progression for fast tracking a TR back to 20.

Starting Points: Always maintain Bravery Bonus. Bank levels as much as possible or needed to maintain BB. A Greater Tome of Learning should be the first item bought for your TR toon from the store. Hopefully you saved all of your xp gems from your last life’s daily rolls. Optionals are just that, optional. If the point is to level to 20 quickly then unfortunately most are just not worth it. The list and progression is not exact, depending on different factors such as VIP/Free to play , xp pots, etc. you may end up taking a level before or after the progression. Avoid the trap of re gearing after every level. Have your gear ready and focus on going from quest…

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