The puzzle of add-ons


I read with interest a post by Rohan on a puzzle boss in Final Fantasy 14. I’ve no experience of this myself, but imagining it I doubt I’d be able to do the maths quickly enough to stand much chance of success at the mechanics. His comment that such a boss in World of Warcraft would be implausible, given the likelihood of an add-on being produced by players that would make the fight trivially easy, did set me thinking though.

Add-ons are available in many MMORPGs but I rarely use them outside of WoW anyway. In WoW I wouldn’t have dreamed of playing without altoholic, auctioneer, deadly boss mods (DBM) and similar extras. In other games, the only addon I can think that I’ve made much use of is the excellent AI Research Grid in Elder Scrolls Online.

I’ve certainly never used an addon like DBM to simplify boss…

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