Episode 257: A Fighting Game Noob Tries Playing on a Fight Stick For a Week

3rd World Geeks


My brother decided to make a big purchase last week. He actually saved up to get enough cash to buy it but it was something that he’s wanted for a long time. That thing is a arcade stick purposefully designed for fighting games. It wasn’t just any old arcade stick, mind you. He got the Qanba Obsidian, an extremely beefy fight stick with a really sleek look to it. It’s even got lights on the sides of it! I have no idea how that would help anyone when using it to play fighting games but it sure looks cool!

Anyway, he always wanted one since he grew up playing Street Fighter and Tekken in the arcades. He’s always felt more comfortable playing fighting games using the arcade stick setup but the really good ones were always pricey so he always had second thoughts about getting one. He always played…

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