Updated MELEE Bard Multi Class Trapper Build

DDO Build Masters

Melee Bard Multi Class Build

Having done many bard multi-class Swashbucklers (SB) we have narrowed in on the build of choice. This is the updated build following the kensei tree update.

12 Bard / 2 Rogue / 6 Fighter

12 Bard gets you everything you need to melee as a Bard. Core 4 Swashbuckler Enhancement And tier 5’s in the Swashbuckler tree.  All the spells you need with 12 levels get you 3 level 4 Bard spells for Dimension Door, FoM, and cure crit. You also have the standard Blur, Invis, good hope, haste, and of course Displacement. It’s not too much of a hassle to scroll GH as you don’t have level 5 spells.

Bard also enables you to get plenty of skill points each level to keep up and maximize your rogue skills, perform and charisma skills. You have a build that can trap with the best, insta-kill with…

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