Requested: Melee warlock for morninglord past life

DDO Build Masters

All of my warlocks have been pure, even my melee builds. Here we’ll see how to get the most out of it when locked into 1 cleric level.

Single weapon fighting warlock using aura and bursts. Pact is free choice, the pact portion of Eldritch Blast (EB) is not a major focus since DCs will not be maxxed and enlightened spirit (ES) brings light damage to the EB, so fey is an option for leap or fiend for hurl, old one for knock, whatever. Choose alignment accordingly; I recommend true neutral if you plan to do epic reincarnations to allow options.

18 warlock with 2 cleric. (optional 1clr/1ftr, if you find the ap is too tight and the tier2 cleric enhancements not worth it. I’m leaning this way now that I’ve written it up)

Stat priority: pretty even need for str/con/cha, con is tough since elf, any extra in int…

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