The Grumpy Old Gamer… and Friends!

[Controllers and Keyboards]


In the world of podcasts, if you throw a rock, you’ll hit a ton of people who have one. I myself like a myriad of genres: horror, true crime, human interest, and gaming. In the gaming realm, there are plenty, but some of them are simply shills for the industry, for every IGN, there are plenty of Nintendo affiliates, Sony fanboys, and Microsoft employees. Where is the fairness? Where is the impartiality? If I am interested in a game, I want an unbiased, “regular guy” opinion. Is it good? Does it suck? Do I like the same type of games you do? 

            Enter the crew of Controllers and Keyboards. A group of friends that gets together and discusses the very subject so near and dear to our hearts. At the same time, they have fun and invite their fans and listeners to take part. I myself have been…

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Lockhart’s Delve

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Once the basement of a small fortified temple, Lockhart’s Delve has been home to a variety of creatures and groups since the destruction of the temple proper. Some maps of the old temple of the moon god show two entrances into the lower levels – one into the basements and another into the connected crypts. But some fifty years ago the crypt entrance was completely filled with stone and earth under the orders of Short Terog, an ogre adventurer who made this her home for a time.

Lockhart's Delve Lockhart’s Delve

Most recently, the Blackguard Lockhart has used the structure as barracks while assembling their forces to cross the dark barrens and assault Oceansong Harbor. Since the fall and subsequent recapture of Oceansong Harbor, the dungeons have seen little use except by the shadows of the kobolds who came here looking for their clanmates.

The blame for this dungeon falls squarely on…

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And it all started with “United We Game”


This month we’re celebrating Virtual Bastion’s 5-year anniversary by sharing our favorite memories of the site, blogging, gaming, and our online friendships. Join us as we take a trip down memory lane!

When I started up my own blog in late 2011, I had no inkling that it might ever lead to bigger things. I simply figured I tell my gaming stories and that’d be that. Maybe a few people would be interested in them, maybe no one would. My whole point then was to simply lend my voice, become a better writer, and have a little fun. Choosing to write about games, while inspirational, was secondary. I could have chosen to write about ice cream or gardening or cars or whatever, but I knew that with video games, I had garnered enough experience to make telling my stories somewhat worthwhile. Never in a million years did I think that…

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DDO: Order of Vengeance

Bio Break

Welcome Syp to Team Vampire Killers! I’ll be your stereotypical guide, Professor Von Muttonchops. You’ll need your own stakes, some extra garlic, and an extreme death wish.

Now that I’ve survived Strahd’s bouncy fun castle, I’m apparently good enough to be recruited for some more serious work by the local vampire killers. The first step on this path? Delivering a giant dragon skull to a bunch of ticked-off ghosts.


Off to another castle — well, a mansion, really, where the smuggest dragon statue in the world guards its front doors. It’s here that an order devoted to fighting Strahd and protecting the land has actually all been killed and then stuck around in perpetual misery. Apparently giving them back the skull of the dragon that was the mascot of their club is supposed to give them new hope.

You’d think they’d be more hospitable, since we are all on…

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I’ll Review Anything: 8Bitdo’s SF30 Pro Bluetooth Gamepad

3rd World Geeks

I love being able to play co-op video games with my fiancee so when we bought ourselves a Nintendo Switch, we knew that we needed to get a second controller as soon as possible. But we just shelled out a lot of money to cover the cost of the unit itself plus several video games and a 200 GB micro SD card, so we wanted to avoid buying the pricey official Nintendo Switch Pro Controller if we could. That led me to 8Bitdo’s SF30 Pro Controller – a bluetooth wireless controller that’s compatible with different devices, including the Nintendo Switch. With that said, my review of the SF30 Pro is strictly based on it’s performance as a Switch controller.

By the way, I also reviewed 8Bitdo’s FC30 Pro Controller here – if you’re interested in the SF30, you might be interested in the FC30 as well so check that review out…

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Suggested 3rd-Party Ports for the Nintendo Switch

The Unapologetic Nerd

With the myriad of ports hitting the Switch I wanted to write a short list of pre-released 3rd party video games that I think would do well on Nintendo’s newest platform.  I tried not going for big-name, highly profitable games as those I felt would be too obvious (with one exception). I also picked games that would port well to the Switch without facing a noticeable downgrade in quality. Now true, there have been a few recent games, like Doom, that ported reasonable well to the Switch but from what I understand the developers had to make a lot of cuts to make it work. I’m definitely no video game programmer so I’m avoiding games like Resident Evil 7 or God of War as those seem like a big challenge. Nonetheless, there are tons of other games that the Switch would love to have. Without further ado, let’s take…

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Now Arriving: Games of May 2018

Gamer Crash

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re now just a month away from E3 2018. I’ll let that sink in for a moment. Oddly enough, this Spring season has been mildly uneventful so far. Not to say that Far Cry 5 and God of War haven’t been stellar or anything (spoiler: they have), it’s just that the typically release schedule has been lighter than normal.

The same trend continues into May for better or worse. In fact, I’m going to call May the month of remasters and definitives. If you missed a game in the past, May 2018 just might have it again for you. Every platform has some sort of remaster of collection available this month including these games: Dark Souls, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, Hitman, Dragon’s Crown, Hyrule Warriors, and the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary to name just a few. Trust me, there’s a ton…

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