Maidae 7.0

Micki's Delirium

This post and plan is quite early in the makings, since I’d still like to do a few epic reincarnations on Maidae before doing a TR. Anyway, Maidae will after the next TR have 3 monk past lives, but only 2 fighter, so for the next life I’d like a fighter past life. I do love monk splits, but I’ve liked her archer life a lot as well, so I wanted to try making an archer fighter (especially since I’ve seen it done). Sticking to iconic, I squeezed in 2 cleric levels – 1 from morninglord, taking a second to get a domain.

Here’s the first draft of my kensei AA fighter. I will most likely have to play around with the enhancements once I’ve actually made the build.

Character Plan by DDO Character Planner Version 4.37.105DDO Character Planner Home PageMaidae  Shadow Level 30 True Neutral Morninglord Female…

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Lair of the Golden Wolf

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Pushing out of the cliff face like a partially exposed egg, this small dungeon complex was evidently not built here but transported in some manner. Either that, or the craftsmen were purposefully annoying in the design as the whole interior structure is at an uncomfortable 7 degree angle with the right edge of the map being slightly more than 36 feet above the height of the entrance doors.

Lair of the Golden Wolf Lair of the Golden Wolf

In addition to the awkward angle, the interior of the structure bears a strong scent like a mix of musk and nutmeg. The walls and floors are painted gold, but are scratched up badly enough that most floors and west walls appear to be grey stone with gold streaks on them. Doorways, where open, have golden hair on them from some mighty beast having to squeeze through.

Prowling this space, of course, is the Golden Wolf –…

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Five Wii U Games that Need to be Remastered for the Nintendo Switch

3rd World Geeks

I have to admit, I expected Nintendo to showcase a few more Wii U ports for the Switch during E3 last month. It seemed logical; Nintendo had released several new first party titles last year (Breath of the Wild, ARMS, Splatoon 2, Fire Emblem Warriors, Super Mario Odyssey, Xenoblade Chronicles 2) but their slate for this year is quite bare in comparison.

Remastered Wii U titles would have been good fillers to keep the sales momentum going – because game assets are already existing, the task of remastering can easily be farmed to second and third party studios and not take any development time away from Nintendo. And we all know that the Wii U did not sell well, so I’m sure there are Switch owners who did not get the chance to play some Wii U exclusives that were really good.

E3 has come and gone but that doesn’t…

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New Articles: The Case of Player-Created Content and More

Superior Realities

Time for the latest round-up of my new articles published at MMO Bro.

Alas, poor Landmark...First, I make the case for more player-created content in MMOs, inspired by a fit of Landmark nostalgia. I really do miss that game, and I think not capitalizing on the creativity of players is leaving a huge amount of potential untapped.

Next, I’ve got a pair of listicles on the most influential innovations in MMO design over the years, and in-game thrills that just never get old.

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My 10 Favorite Moments from E3 2018

Gamer Crash

E3 2018 has been over for a few weeks now and while I’ve written about it a lot, the added time has allowed me to gain a bit more perspective on the show. As it always has, E3 tends to overwhelm the normal fan with information, making it quite easy to miss something.

There’s always a lot to love each year, it’s basically like Christmas for video game fans. While most of you reading my recap and reviews can probably guess some of my favorite moments, I’ve gone ahead and highlighted 10 things that I absolutely loved from E3 2018.

e3 2018 logo

So in no specific order, here’s my list. Let me know what stood out for you this year below in the comments as well.

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DDO: The Wizard of Wines

Bio Break

With our regular Dungeons and Dragons Online group out of commission the other week, I turned back to my Artificer’s journey through Mists of VampireLoft. On this week’s episode, a bunch of sober monks are angry at the lack of a wine shipment from the “Wizard of Wines,” and I’m the only one sober AND driven enough to go see why.

Short answer: Druids. Long answer: See everything that follows.

For once, part of this quest involves a trip through the actual outdoors. I come across a Frankenstein stand-in who’s being accosted by a very timid mob with actual torches. And pitchforks. But I’m asked to do the killing, which I do gladly. I’m genial that way!

This quest is basically Die Hard — if you replace “terrorists” with “tree-hugging druids” and “Nakatomi Tower” with “a winery.” So the druids have taken over and they’re even going so far to…

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Cary’s Top 10 Video Game Songs


Bringing Resonance month to a close, and following on The Duck of Indeed’s heels (do ducks have heels?), it’s time for me to offer up ten of my most favorite video game songs…of the moment. I add that qualifier there because, there’s always something new to explore when it comes to game music. While the songs that we love will always remain so, we meet new music every time we start new games, so it makes sense that one’s own list is an ever-evolving entity. Not only that, but even just whittling down to ten favorites is a chore in and of itself. But I’m up to the challenge! If ten songs I must choose, then ten songs I shall choose – and what a list it is! Without further ado, here are ten of my favorite game songs, in no particular order, and with links to my own Resonance…

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Everything we know about the next Xbox console

Gamer's Outpost Press (Archived)


by Gabe Gurwin via Digital Trends

It has been nearly five years since the launch of the Xbox One, and the console has changed significantly over that time with the discontinuation of Kinect, full redesign of the Xbox One S, and major enhancements of the Xbox One X. But revisions like these can only get a console so far, and it has us thinking about what comes next. Here is everything we know about the next Xbox console.

Sony’s PlayStation Now subscription service allows PlayStation 4 users to stream games from the cloud instead of buying and downloading them outright, and in Japan, the Nintendo Switch has even flirted with this for Resident Evil 7.

No such service exists on the Xbox One, but during Microsoft’s E3 2018 presentation, Phil Spencer revealed that his team is currently developing cloud gaming technology that will allow you to play console-quality…

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My recent GOG and Steam sale purchases

Bio Break

Believe it or not, I really haven’t spent a lot of money this year on games (or in games) at all. So I took some of my birthday money and splurged on a few titles in the recent GOG and Steam sales. And as Blogger Law dictates, I must now publicly brag about what I bought and why.

  • Dark Sun D&D 2-pack – These were pretty cheap and I had them on my wish list, mostly because I thought they’d make an interesting retro series one of these days. Plus, two for one!
  • Silent Service/Silent Service 2 – Only bought this for the second game, which was one of my absolute favorite sims when I was in high school.
  • Privateer 2 – The next time I touch a Wing Commander game for a retro series, it’s going to be one of the Privateer titles. I really wish I had…

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