Nintendo Switch’s Indie Offerings Are Incremental To Industry Recognition

Musings of a Mario Minion

Nintendo have historically been hostile towards third party development, going so far as sealing the fate of Wii U in its lack of library and walled off development network. That all seems to have changed with the Switch, however. As the console / handheld hybrid continues to soar through successes, much of its offerings are down to the independent developers Nintendo spent so long shutting down. To flip from being a renowned closed circle to a contender for number one destination for independent development is astounding, but its continued success, and the way such success is handled through the eShop will be incremental to the way the industry responds to, and shapes itself around, indie games.

Nintendo Nindies banner

Where the Indie Uprising Came From

It wasn’t obvious that the Switch would soon become a hub of independent originality and talent when the console first launched in 2017. That soon changed, however, when…

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