Syp’s Gaming Goals for June 2018

Bio Break

May in review

  • Two multi-day power outages and a failed hard drive took a big bite out of my gaming time this month. It did get me to play a bit more on my laptop, and I started up a new Pillars of Eternity campaign. Would love to finish this game one day!
  • May was a big “wrap up” month for me in World of Warcraft, as I finished the last major goals for myself in Legion and found myself twiddling my thumbs and waiting for the expansion. So I rolled up a Rogue to amuse myself.
  • I slowed down in my advancement through Star Trek Online, nearing level 50 and my desired Tier 6 ship. The DS9 expansion is definitely out of my reach for June, unless I want to go back to an older character. Hm.
  • I got in a session or two with Secret World Legends

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