Manyshot Change

DDO Build Masters

TL:DR version. MS only:Full time archer got buffed. Some extreme examples lost burst damage, high RP builds with low DS. At 35DS and 28BAB you get the same number of hits over 2minutes but more RP during MS, so numbers slightly below may still be ahead. MS and 10k: Monkchers are still ahead of pure rangers if they have minimum 8 monk levels or have ranger levels.

*changes: manyshot was changed to have 120 doubleshot (DS) bonus instead of 4x BAB. This is a buff at all levels except 30 with full BAB which is unchanged*

As I write this I’m on a pure ranger life checking out the changes. As I hit the 18-20 range manyshot (MS) felt like it had the kick of the old one. The new manyshot is just plain terrible at low levels now that it’s more dependent on base attack bonus (BAB). This…

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