Return to the Circle of Doom!

Dyson's Dodecahedron


When I put the maps up for voting in May for the “Release the Kraken” project, I included an old favourite of mine, the Circle of Doom. But as I was getting it ready to post today, I gave it a good hard look and just didn’t feel comfortable releasing it. I drew the Circle of Doom in 2010 (maybe even late 2009) for a Labyrinth Lord campaign I was running at the time. I drew it in pencil.

Pencil doesn’t scan well. It comes out very light or very jaggy if I enhance the contrast enough to make it dark. Also, I’ve gotten a bit better at the craft since 2009.

So I redrew it.

The 2018 Circle of Doom The 2018 Circle of Doom

I’ve USED it three times now in my games, but always stocking it “on the fly” using random stocking from the various rules we were playing with at the…

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