Please make NPC interactions easy…


Some MMORPGs have user interface issues, issues that you come up against again, and again, and again. Basic stuff like interacting with NPCs for instance. This is mainly an issue in ‘action MMOs’ – games where the cursor is locked to your characters viewpoint. The counterpoint to these issues is the sheer UI brilliance of Elder Scrolls Online’s UI design. It’s an action MMO but there are different keybinds for interacting with NPCs versus other players.

An elegant separation

This simple differentiation means that a bulk of players sat on a banker NPC in a major town does not block your easy access to NPCs. A different key is used for trading with party-members or other players stood nearby. Other action MMORPGs have one key for both functions and boy does this annoy me.

Crafting in a crowd

In Secret World Legends it is infinitely less convenient to interact with…

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