DDO: Korthos, again

Bio Break

Wait, isn’t Syp in the middle of Ravenholt in DDO? Aren’t there vampires and werewolves scratching at the doors? Then why, for the love of every side of the dice, is he standing back in Korthos harbor?

The answer is pretty easy: I started up a new alt to run with an occasional static group. In fact, it’s my old, old guild, Onedawesome, and all of them were kind enough to create level 4s with me to run similar content. I don’t think that too many arms were twisted in this, as everyone had some fun with trying out different classes and races.

As for myself, I went with a Human Druid, which I almost instantly fell in love with. I guess I overlooked this class early on, because if I knew that there was a summoning class that also couls shapeshift and throw out healing and damage spells, then…

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