10 titles in my games library I would like to play before the year is out

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Every once in a while I find it helpful to take a bit and organize, especially when you’re trying to tackle a large project (even an entertainment project). I have a list of books to read/to buy, a queue for TV shows to watch, a folder that has all of my new music to sort, and so on. Time to do the same for games!

I recently flipped through both my GOG and Steam libraries to figure out, time permitting (and it never is), which games I would like to play or sample before the year is done and for what purpose. These don’t, for the most part, include MMOs or any games I have yet to buy. Here’s what I came up with, ordered from highest priority to least:

  1. Fallout 4 – Yeah, the recent Fallout 76 hype is pushing me hard to playing this again — and maybe…

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