Non-combat abilities are cool


Massively OP had a discussion topic on non-combat abilities yesterday. It’s a topic I care about, if only MMORPGs had more non-violent or flavourful abilities I’d be happy! Combat remains the main focus of most character skills in all the games I play but here are a few fun, if not always very useful abilities:

Infravision, Everquest 2

Everquest 2 is a remarkably broad and detailed game, I could have written this post with just EQ2 examples. It has Infravision for some races, which gives you a trippy ‘heat-vision’ style view of the world, like if you wear night-vision goggles. It also has blurred underwater vision, a condition that can be fixed through various spells and consumable items.

Eye of Kilrogg, World of Warcraft

There are plenty of WoW skills, past and present, that are just fun to play with. The Warlock spell Eye of Kilrogg is particularly fun, however…

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