Year of the RPG: Greetings from Baldur’s Gate, part II


“You seem the type of person who likes to be in the know,” the strange man said when Athena opened the doors of her castle a few mornings later. “Is it mere curiosity that drives you? Have you a moment to listen to an old man’s ramblings, that may not have anything to do with what you are trying to accomplish, yet will be important in your overall morality check?”

“Um… okay…?”

Athena listened to the old man babble on for a while, before he finally excused himself, mumbling his concern at her “straddling the fence.” With a shrug, Athena turned her attention to the letter he had handed her at the beginning of their meeting.

Hiya Athena,

It’s me, Imoen again. You said you wanted to hear more about what we’d actually been doing as we wander around the countryside pretending to be mercenaries?

Or maybe we are mercenaries…

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