Raids week 77

Micki's Delirium

On Saturday I and Darth got home, after a week in Croatia, in good time for their raids. As I turned on my computer, though, I quickly noticed it wasn’t working right, it kept freezing up and giving me the blue screen of death. After trying to run a restore to a previous date several times, I gave up and did a windows recovery installation and then reinstalled DDO from the website – which took over an hour. I sent a message to Osi and Hamster saying I was planning to do raids but I was running late – but as it was getting later Pomfer told me Soko was discussing posting for Baba’s. I finally managed to log on att 11 pm my time, when they had just finished their Baba run. They had planned to do Strahd next and I was asked if I wanted to join.

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