E3 multiplayer reflections


Having finally caught up with some of the deluge of coverage for E3, I’m left with little to no change to my current mode MMO-gaming wise. Long-gone are the heady days of the early 2010s, where new MMORPG releases were vying for our attentions at every big conference.

Elder Scrolls Online: Murkmire

Zenimax Online Studios brought the most positive news for me, this year’s major update will be Murkmire – taking the game into the homeland of the Argonians (Yay!). There’ll be a werewolf themed dungeon pack as well, but Murkmire is what I’ll be waiting for. I wonder if it’ll bring a new skill line, as per the Summerset chapter?

Fallout 76

Lots of excitement about this on social media, but always-online gankboxes with no NPCs or dev-crafted content aren’t for me. Especially given that you could join a map where other players have a nuke ready to…

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