Freefalling Day One

DDO Build Masters

We rolled up our characters and showed up in Korthos skipping the grotto to get grouping right away.

Dubb quickly found that his level 1 Rogue could not do much on elite even in Korthos. On a THF human pally sporting cleave at level 1 I had no problems. Pretty typical for a new character, rogue is not real strong solo. So we grabbed some hires and got going again.

We popped through Korthos hitting the mayor’s quest Sacrifices on e/h/n for two sets of anger’s boots and for the set bonus from Misery’s peak necklace. So we headed to the harbor with 4x 5minute clickies of expeditious retreat. I lucked out and got a shield clicky too. Picked up ship buffs, grabbed our free bags, and got going on level 2 quests.

Got through: info is key > haverdasher > Durk > lost tome > and we called it…

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