How Xbox Impressed Me at E3 2018

High Pitched Gaming

Before I start diving in, I just want to say I’ve never owned an Xbox console. It’s not because I have some weird agenda against them, but because of how I grew up. My first console was a Playstation 2 and my first handheld was a GameBoy Advanced. I’ve always sticked with Nintendo and Playstation, but I’ve always been aware of what Xbox was doing. That being said, after surviving my first E3 and watching all the press conferences, Xbox not only impressed me, but they’ve made me strongly consider adding an Xbox One X to my collection.

Going into my first E3, I went in very open-minded. I didn’t expect to play much and I didn’t think I’d get to talk to many people working in the games industry. Overall, I got to play 13 games and I met so many games professionals. For my first E3, that’s a…

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