E3 for the Novice Gamer


For those new to the gaming environment or even those who have been a part of it for years, E3 may be a term you have heard of but have never known its meaning. E3 is shorthand for The Electronic Entertainment Expo and has a great rich history in the industry of video games and great meaning for developers and gamers alike.

1. The Inaugural Event

In 1995, the first ever E3 press conference took place at the Los Angeles Convention Center on May 11th through the 13th. To put it into perspective, in1995 Nintendo had the SNES and Sony’s PlayStation 1 was only a few months old as well as the Sega Saturn.

E3 was by no means the first press conference video game developers put together. Before E3 there were conventions that took place like the Consumer Electronics Show, or CES for short. In the 90s, h90ser, the gaming industry was fast growing and…

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