198X: every 80s game in one

Later Levels

Last week I wrote about Backbone, a detective noir adventure I’d come across on Kickstarter recently. Its pixelated art and ‘challenging, thought-provoking storyline featuring themes of power, corruption, social decay and systemic discrimination’ – not to mention its anthropomorphic raccoon protagonist – caught my eye and I decided to make a pledge. It seems as though it had the same effect on others as Luke from Hundstrasse and Jamie from Best Nerd Life backed the project too.

In that post I mentioned I’d found the campaign for 198X by Hi-Bit Studios on the same evening. While Backbone appealed to me as a gamer and is more in line with the adventure releases I usually play, there was something about this title which drew me in. The retro-futuristic artwork featured in the promotional video, ambient electronic beats, and a lone protagonist called Kid who talked about finding new meaning…

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