My recent GOG and Steam sale purchases

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Believe it or not, I really haven’t spent a lot of money this year on games (or in games) at all. So I took some of my birthday money and splurged on a few titles in the recent GOG and Steam sales. And as Blogger Law dictates, I must now publicly brag about what I bought and why.

  • Dark Sun D&D 2-pack – These were pretty cheap and I had them on my wish list, mostly because I thought they’d make an interesting retro series one of these days. Plus, two for one!
  • Silent Service/Silent Service 2 – Only bought this for the second game, which was one of my absolute favorite sims when I was in high school.
  • Privateer 2 – The next time I touch a Wing Commander game for a retro series, it’s going to be one of the Privateer titles. I really wish I had…

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