Ranking my top 6 MMORPG disappointments

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For today’s ranked list, I’m going to be running down six MMOs that really let me down after a lot of anticipation and excitement from me, even leading into its first year of operation. They’re not all BAD games, mind you, but they were a let down in different ways for reasons that I will explain. Let’s start with the least-most disappointing and work our way up to the most-most disappointing!


Let me get this out first: I loved WildStar. I thought that, in many ways, it was a fantastic MMO. The housing, the lore, the world, the art, the animation, the sheer variety of activities, the rewards, the build-up, the holidays — in so many ways, this game nails it. Yet it ended up being a disappointment in that it just didn’t perform better with the crowds and cultivate enough interest to generate a lot of ongoing development…

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