Freefalling Day 3

DDO Build Masters

We finished up the level 2s in the marketplace. As expected, we had to run a few extra ringleaders to get to level 5. We took 5 and headed to the cerulean hills for captives and Nash’s farm.

Got a few small random loot upgrades. Got a couple of vorpals in end rewards, but nothing in our weapon focuses. I did get a returning thrower for hitting switches and such.

We did Kobold assault which neither of us had done in along time, got a lot of prayer beads that will mostly go to goldscuttle for lesser restores.

I leveled up some in cannith crafting to about 35. In range to make a bunch of useful gear but actually crafting is limited by collectibles. If I do make something it will have to be super useful for the cost. I did make some petrify runestones since they only take fragments…

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