Metacognition: Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down


We’re back with our “thinking about thinking” series! If you’re interested in our previous deep thoughts, check out the Metacognition series.  Join us for some deep thoughts (and maybe the occasional not-so-deep thought) about gaming. If you find one you’d like to answer, you can either comment below or write a post and share the link so we can all read your fantastic thoughts.

Is there an inherent difference between a game critique and a game review?

By definition, it seems like these two are very similar, with a critique defined by the Oxford dictionary as “a detailed analysis and assessment of something, especially a literary, philosophical, or political theory,” and a review is defined as “a formal assessment of something with the intention of instituting change if necessary.”


Both appear to be appraising “something” in one way or another. And sometimes I think these words are used interchangeably. But…

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