Requested WF Amalgam Fighter

DDO Build Masters

Thematically a tactics based kensei with trapper abilities and a focus on movement.

Being a WF and having trash light armor options, I’m going to throw in 2 monk for movement rate to fit the theme and make up a feat over 2 fighter. With 2 in I’m saying 3 for healing mark. Would love to go 6 monk for shadow fade and adept. 6 monk breaks even vs 6 fighter for feat numbers, but we need 16 ftr for the sweet +8 to tactics.

With this split we’ll be looking at 9 fighter feats and 2 monk feats. Looking to take improved trip, stunning blow as well as a fighting line and monk stances.

We have the option of going staff or going daggers with access to Vistani tree. I’m going to write for staff, but it could be adapted for daggers. For a dagger build, I’d trade rog…

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