From the DM’s Chair: Filling in the blanks and ways to start your campaign


So, you’ve got your setting map all laid out and an overall idea of the big picture of your campaign. We’re not ready to start our campaign yet, however. Drawing the map is only half the battle for making a setting, it still needs filling. After all, a world isn’t just a map with a few interesting landmarks, it’s people, places and problems, all of which are present for the players entertainment and engagement.

Welcome to from the DM’s chair, I’m Shadowonthewall and, today, we’ll be looking at how to put the finishing touches on your D&D campaign setting. First thing’s first, a quick recap. Last session I talked about world building and provided an example of the map for my campaign setting: Dorvine and the distant continent of Ustegard. Here’s the map I created for the setting below, and in this next section, I’m going to try and give…

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