Theseus’s Ship: Upgrading Your Playstation 4


A long, long time ago, I began an adventure about starting a let’s play channel, and documented my mishaps along the way for entertainment and posterity. As someone with a fairly lukewarm relationship with technology, I had hoped that maybe the average person would benefit from the walk-through guide I had created, as I tried to include information that I hadn’t found in other places on the interwebs, and perhaps bypass a few of my mistakes.

Well, hold on to your keyboards, guys, because it finally happened: my Playstation 4 ran out of memory and I had to replace the hard drive.


After some initial apprehension, I did a little research and decided to replace the old 500GB hard drive with a 2TB solid-state hybrid internal hard drive. I used a drive that was manufactured by Seagate, and sprung for the kit that included a case for the old drive…

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