From the DM’s Chair: Creating a Setting


feats-feats-of-eberron Whether classic fantasy or a steampunk style like Eberron pictured above, every campaign needs a setting. Artwork from D&D Eberron 5e.

You’ve gotten your game group together and, now you’ve got your group of friends all set up, it’s time to start prepping for the actual game. The only issue is you, perhaps like me originally, might not have thought that far ahead.

Welcome to From the DM’s Chair, I’m Shadowonthewall and today, we’ll be looking at the setting of your Dungeons and Dragons game: some possible suggestions for setting, a few world-building exercises and an example of the world I built for my players for the new weekly game.

When I agreed to run a campaign, I soon realised I didn’t really have any ideas with what I wanted to do. There was one thing I did know, which is the same thing I consider every time I come…

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