MMOs and teaching lessons


Massively OP has an interesting Overthinking piece where the writers discuss the topic of “What important lessons are MMORPGs failing to impart?”. The writer contributions are well worth a read. I happen to be a bit of an education-junkie, I’ve been in part-time education for most of my adult life: learning new languages or taking on more formal higher qualifications. So the identified theme of fun as educational does sit well with me.

It seems true enough that we spend a lot of our time when playing MMORPGs learning stuff, or at least revising it. Take this week with patch 8.0 in World of Warcraft, the whole playerbase is currently re-learning their class rotations due to the extensive changes made. Certainly, I find learning new things fun, so my predilection to try new MMORPGs has obvious roots – when I finish leveling in these games there tends to be a sudden…

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