Rant of Whisperdoom

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Originally posted on MyDDO on January 6th, 2010:

So i just did (well tried to do) Whisperdoom’s Spawn, and my party was doing well, we had a problem with the Melf’s Acid Arrows. But for some unknown reason, when we started fighting Whisperdoom, everyone frickin scattered. We had found a shrine closer to Whisperdoom, and someone even ran all the way to the shrine at the beginning. I mean seriously. We were right next to a shrine, why go to the beginning. Its pointless. So that’s it. People, don’t scatter. 1) You make it harder for a healer to heal. 2) You stand a chance of getting lost, or drawing to much aggro. At one point our dungeon threat level was at Orange. People, a party is meant to stay together, its how it works.

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