Orcs in the Deal of the Day!

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The Deal of the Day over on RPGnow / DriveThruRPG is none other than our second 5e fantasy adventure, Orcs in Tarodun’s Tomb! That means that for today only you can get a copy of this adventure by the award-winning Kiel Chenier for 50% off (a mere $2.50 USD!)

Orcs are the deal of the day!

This adventure is so new that I don’t even have any reviews for it yet. In fact, I might just have to run out, give some random gamer in the street a few dollars just to get a quote like

“This adventure is the best campaign starter I’ve played to date! It changed -everything- about how I picture Orcs!”


“The tricks and puzzles in ‘Orcs’ are fresh and fun, and manage to be intriguing without getting frustrating!”

But we just don’t have time for that because it is the Deal of the Day RIGHT NOW, so we need to make…

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