Adventuring for Adventure’s Sake: A Reason to Game


Being an adult can be time-consuming.

Yes, yes, obvious statement is obvious. But just because our days are filled with work and family and other responsibilities, it doesn’t mean that our other needs have disappeared. But a desire for discoveryseems to be one that has existed in humans for as long as there have been humans. The exhilaration of finding something new, especially when unexpected, brings with it a wonderful thrill that is rarely found with other activities.

Video games provide countless worlds for people to explore and discover for themselves. Whether it is the unexpected situations found in Kingdom Come: Deliverance or making connections to thoughts on reality or real-world religions, or even just partaking in the joy of experiencing a new story, video games can open doors into new worlds just waiting for us to enter and explore, and to discover all their secrets.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance_20180425042445


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