Free (to Start) Games on the Nintendo Switch!!!

3rd World Geeks

One of the things that held me back from buying a Nintendo Switch when it came out was how much I’d need to spend: around $300 for the unit itself, maybe $50 for a decent-sized memory card, $70 for a Pro Controller, and $60 for each major software title that I wanted (read more here for a more detailed breakdown of what it will cost you). And getting one game isn’t enough – I’d need to get at least two games so that I’d have something to break the monotony of playing just one game over and over.

Now though, that won’t be a problem for anyone who is thinking about getting a Nintendo Switch, thanks to a handful of “free” games that are now available. And I’d like to talk about each one of these games briefly as a guide to anyone who is considering buying a Switch soon…

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