Nintendo Switch: The Power of Portable

Gamer Crash

As someone who grew up with Nintendo, it really warms my heart to see the company doing so well once again after the struggles it experienced with the WiiU. Lately, I’ve been fitting the late adopter mold, grabbing the WiiU and now the Nintendo Switch outside of its typical release window. While the WiiU never really struck a chord with me, my time with the Switch has been a revelation thanks in large part to the most unique thing about it: portability.

I’ve always really liked the design of the Switch, ever since it was first shown off but it takes on a whole new meaning once you actually get your hands on it. This summer I’ve gone on a few trips and facing some downtime, it was the perfect time to actually try out the Switch on the go.

Frankly, it was an amazing experience. The small nature of…

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