DDO: Warlocks are OP

Bio Break

It’s halfling Paul Revere! “The nerds are coming! The nerds are coming!”

The nerds are coming indeed, Paul. It’s time for another weekly DDO group, and this time, we’re going to wreck Waterworks and tag the place with Kool-Aid Man graffiti.

Ever since my early days of playing DDO around launch, I had it burned into my brain that Waterworks = awesome loot for the full run. I’m all for that, especially as I’m trying to cobble together as strong of a healing kit as I can.

After our group combed through the non-private instance portion of Waterworks for possible rares (finding only two), we dove into the first two quests on Reaper 1. I think the current plan is to try to be at least two levels above the quests we’re doing so that we can run them on Reaper, so we didn’t do the third or fourth in…

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