First Impressions of Mega Man X Legacy Collection (Switch)

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I’ve been a Mega Man fan literally since before I can remember. My parents got a bootleg copy of the awful Mega Man 3 DOS version (don’t copy that floppy!) before I could talk, and I have fond memories of watching them play on their Tandy 1000 with monochrome monitor. I was also quite obsessed with the Ruby Spears Mega Man cartoon growing up. Being pretty much a lifelong PC gamer, I didn’t get to own many of the Mega Man games until later (I jumped on the Nintendo bandwagon just as Capcom was jumping off), but I did find PC copies of a couple of the games in the Mega Man X series, and it remains one of my favorite series in the franchise. It retains the spirit of the Classic series, while adding new progression, such as armor upgrades and health expansions, that give you a…

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