Syp’s Gaming Goals for August 2018

Bio Break

July in review

  • It was a really weird month, gaming wise. I was off for two weeks on vacation, during which most of the time I didn’t have access to my computer. Also, I’ve felt rather blah toward most of my regular MMOs, so I didn’t force myself to play anything I didn’t want to.
  • I was also in a holding pattern for World of Warcraft all month, although I did get to check out the new class changes for Patch 8.0. Ready for the expansion! I also have purchased enough tokens to pay for my subscription through May 2019, so go me.
  • Tuesday nights remained a highlight every week, as I got to play with my regular Dungeons and Dragons Online group. We advanced to level 5 and tackled some quests in the Harbor, Marketplace, and Cerulean Hills.
  • I did push a little bit into Star Trek Online: Victory…

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