Origin Story: The Story of Hephaestas, Part 3

Heph's Forge

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Now with a full purse from his recent adventures in Stormreach Harbor and his memory slowly returning, he felt much more confident traveling. He took the first available Lightning Rail to House Cannith. The ride was pleasent enough, and quick. He handed the conductor a tip for the smooth travels, and was soon at the House Cannith gates.He approached the guards.

“Requesting permission for entry, friends.”

“Right. An’ who’s askin’? ” the guard on the left replied.

“Why, Hephaestas, sir” the Artificer promptly responded, knowing the guards surely knew him.

“Hephaestas, eh? Huh.” The guard spoke, in a low, grimy voice.

“Why, I thinks I remember me a Hephaestas – yeah, right shiny fella. High up there, kinda guy. One o’ them alchemically minded buggers, yeah. Not one of them common laborer drones, heh. How’s we to know you’s him and not just some poor…

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