Raids week 83

Micki's Delirium


Last week Saturday I logged on at a bit after 9 pm my time and posted for babas. The post said something like R1/EE or hard depending on group. I got some joiners I know, some that have run with me before and Carlinee joined to tank. That character had been made specifically for the purpose of tanking this raid. I asked Carlinee to decide the difficulty, but I ended up picking EE. We were talking about insta killers for totems and it seemed like my and Osi’s mass frog were the only ones we had. I asked Osi to go left and pick his team, I went right with the rest. First run through the hut went well, but when we ported back out to the main area I (and someone else) got stuck in loading. Once I was back out I had the hut on top of…

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