Sharn coming to Dungeons and Dragons Online! #DDO


I could not be more excited with this surprise news out of Standing Stones Games for Dungeons & Dragons Online. Coming in 2019, the Sharn: City of Towers expansion is coming:

Players will get “the opportunity to hobnob with high society in Sharn” while also heading down into the Cogs to seek adventure.

The tiefling race will also be added to the game, which is less exciting for me personally as it’s not a Eberron-specific race (shifters would have been the obvious, but mechanically awkward, addition to make). It is a popular choice in Neverwinter though, if my observations of other player characters in Protector’s Enclave, are anything to go by (according to an infographic, they’re the second most popular after human), so I imagine the playerbase overall will be most pleased.

Image courtesy of Wizards of the Coast Eberron gallery

That the expansion will feature multiple layers of the city and the very evident class divide…

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