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Although I haven’t actively played DDO for a year I do follow the news of the game, and today I was shocked by the news of the expansion to the game coming this year.

Key features are:

  1. Addition of the Druid class to the game
  2. Addition of levels 21-25 (epic level content in D&D parlance)
  3. Several new play areas as part of a crossover with the Forgotten Realms setting and that setting’s underground area called the Underdark

I have extremely mixed feelings about this, not least as it’s a paid expansion and I’m just not that interested in the game anymore to want to spend money on an expansion. I have said to friends for a long while that the druid class would be ‘the’ one feature to drag me back into the grindfest gameplay of DDO. I love playing druids and have always chosen them over any other class…

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