Mage of the Gathering – Journey to Ravnica

Death By Mage

In July, Wizards of the Coast unveiled two new settings for upcoming Dungeons & Dragons product lines; one was fan-favorite: Eberron and the second was a collaboration with their other franchise, Magic: the Gathering, to produce Guidemaster’s Guide to Ravnica. Players will assume the roles as members from one of the ten guilds of Ravnica. For those unfamiliar with any lore from the Magic: the Gathering card game, Ravnica is a different plane of existence similar to how D&D has the Material Plane. Each plane in Magic runs their cosmology and magic is drastically different as well. In Magic, players assume the role of planeswalkers, mighty spellcasters who have awakened a special spark that allows them to travel to these planes at will. Ravnica is an ecumenopolis or a city that covers an entire planet (for Star Wars fans, this is essentially Coruscant).

Brief Card Game History for Ravnica


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