Sharn has come back to D&D too! #Wizards_DnD


As a follow-up to yesterday’s news post about the next Dungeons & Dragons Online  expansion, I’m also very happy to see that Eberron is back as an officially supported setting for D&D 5E.

Warfare in a magic-rich world - artwork courtesy of Wizards gallery

My longest-running campaign for tabletop is Eberron-based, I’m a big fan of this pulp/noir setting: which showcases a world that is markedly more modern in feel than standard D&D fantasy and darker in tone. It’s a setting where low-grade magic is mass-produced, where magic has shaped warfare and those controlling its manufacture have power rivalling nations. The setting has analogies to technology, but fueled by magic, not steam or electricity.

My artificer character in Dungeons & Dragons Online

The new 5E book is the Wayfarer’s Guide to Eberron, which isn’t designed as an exhaustive gazetteer of the world, or as a replacement for the 3E or 4E setting guides. Certain mechanical elements central to the…

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