From the DM’s Chair: Session 4, Twilight Shift


Players are a key part of the roleplaying experience. As good as a DM as you may be, if you don’t have anyone willing to play the game with, then all you have are a group of notes about a world and a possible idea for a novel. When running a game, it is the players that should be the DM’s full focus. It is also players that cause us the most pain as DM’s. Old players sometimes miss sessions and new players join campaigns mid-way through and have to be fitted in to the group. Not to mention some players stumble through your carefully scripted story, ripping up the pages as they go, and fling themselves from impossible situation to impossible situation that you, as a DM, need to decide how to handle, whilst juggling all of the other issues listed and also remembering to still cater to every…

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