In a World of Pure Imagination—a little bit of scene-setting

Roll Knowledge

A: Context time. Do you want to explain about our D&D games, how they work, where they exist—all that sort of stuff?

C: We should maybe begin with how we got into D&D in the first place. I think that I first began—it sounds like I’m a drug addict—I first began playing D&D when I was at college.

A: When you say ‘college’, do you mean school or uni?

C: I mean uni, for all you Brits out there.

A: Thank you.

C: I was at college—uni—and there was one person in my group of friends who was sort of a ‘connecter’ friend, who knew what they were doing and got the rest of us into it.

A: Like you in our group of friends.

C: Exactly. And this was about five years ago, and it was then that I also had my first experience at DMing, in part of…

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