D&D on (US) national TV


Tobold posted about the cultural event of seeing a segment on Stephen Colbert‘s prime time talk show where he and a guest discusses D&D front and centre. That’s quite a cultural moment I would say: the audience reacts warmly to this, cheering as appropriate and laughing with the two of them (not at them).

This week of Blaugust we’re all talking about ourselves, our gaming histories, etc. Tabletop rpgs are a big part of my gaming history, I’ve been playing D&D almost as long as I’ve been playing computer games. So this video does have an impact on me; for years now I have watched Stephen Colbert’s political  commentary segment videos – so I already knew who he is. In the linked video  they raised the topic of how D&D was perceived: when I was growing up in the 1980s there was quite a stigma attached to D&D at…

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